Financial Settlement for Separating Couples

The questions we’re asked most often are ‘what capital settlement am I entitled to’ and ‘can I get maintenance from my ex’.

A common problem is that people often come to us for proper advice after they have had lengthy discussions with their ex, and usually having agreed to something they shouldn’t have.

It is vital to get proper legal advice early, and not to discuss money with your ex when you’re in the process of separating before having done so.

Whether you are married or not the law in this area can be complex, and it is usually highly case specific – so what you read on the internet about what happens to other people is unlikely to apply to you!

It is important to find a Resolution member solicitor as we have a duty to act in the most non-confrontational way possible, and to try to avoid things becoming contentious (that is that proceedings to resolve financial issues should only be issued at court as a last resort).

Solicitors can be expensive, especially if you are not entitled to legal aid, but we will help you for low fixed fees and/or at highly discounted hourly rates. However we help you good advice early on will always be invaluable! Please contact us for more information.