WOW Fixed Fees!

We are often asked about our low fixed fees for divorce proceedings so here are the details below: If you are the Applicant  (person who issues the divorce proceedings) our fixed fee is £430 + Vat and disbursements (typically the court fees). If you are the Respondent our fixed fee... Read More »

Do I Have a Common Law Husband/Wife?

In short, no, you are either legally married or you're not. The urban myth of the common law husband/wife is one of the most incredible, and a further reason not be believe anything you're told about separation or divorce by anyone other than a specialist solicitor. If you are legally... Read More »

Do I Need a Family Law Solicitor?

Why you should have a family law solicitor? A question we're often asked by people separating from their partner, or by parents who are unable to agree particular issues relating to their child/ren, is 'why do I need a solicitor?' One simple answer could be that as legally trained experts,... Read More »

Financial Interests in Joint Property

Co-habitees interests in jointly owned property – how do you work them out? Where co-habitees purchase a property together in joint names and execute a trust setting out their respective interests in the property it's simple – the trust deed will give you the answer. Problems arise where co-habitees purchase... Read More »

Financial Disclosure in Financial Proceedings

Firstly we should explain what ancillary relief proceedings are: in the context of divorce or judicial separation they are proceedings the parties can initiate to invite the court to make a financial order resolving their financial settlement. If the parties cannot agree the financial settlement themselves one of them will... Read More »

Divorce Costs and Timeframes

The most common question we're asked is how long will everything take, and how much will it cost? On the first question much depends on how things are dealt with, if there is a high level of emotion and alot of anxiety around whilst people try to resolve their differences themselves... Read More »